Our Company

ConniCare, Incorporated was established by Connie Arnold in 2004 and has grown exponentially every year.  The privately held company was initiated as an independent case management company for worker’s compensation.  After several successful years of building a strong reputation for quality and advocacy, the company was recognized by both companies and trust attorneys as a reputable collaborator for their patients while cost effective in care management.

In 2006, the company expanded services into the Concierge Care Coordination venue in caring for high profile private care cases.  Today, the company is expanding this area as more consumers trend toward high risk health insurance along with health savings accounts. As patients and their families become more knowledgeable, they recognize the need for a Care Advocate who can assist them in working their way through the maze of healthcare.

The ConniCare team uses a primary care model working with the seriously ill and complex medical patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings as a case management company. In addition, ConniCare has expertise in dealing with patient addiction issues and pain management.  ConniCare has contributed greatly to the success of patients in the worker’s compensation system, skillfully managing complex patients and at times uncooperative, hostile patients. ConniCare works to win their trust and assists them to improve health and functional status.

In 2012, the company has elevated staff to the status of Patient Advocate through training and certificate receipt from the Professional Patient Advocate Institute.  ConniCare has always been an advocate for the patient and their family and attended training to reinforce the concepts of this growing field.

ConniCare works to maintain a leading edge in medical treatments and guidelines in order to offer the best care available to clients.  Care coordination requires a 24/7 approach with a consistent requirement of individualized care that is the mainstay of ConniCare.

The ConniCare nurse case manager goals are to:

  • provide the highest quality care
  • using a variety of resources
  • in a timely manner
  • at the least cost

What are the benefits of working with ConniCare?

  • We adjust our approach to meet the needs of our clients;
  • We balance costs and time to maximize efficiency and outcomes.
  • We have experience in handling catastrophic cases that require a wide variety of “critical thinking” skills to maximize recovery.

“We conform to your needs and expectations;
we do not expect our clients to conform to us.”