Patient Advocacy

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Going to the hospital?  Take your Advocate with you!

Who are Patient Advocates?

“Patient Advocates, also known as healthcare advocates, come from various settings, including hospitals, independent practices, medical practices, insurance companies, employers, or anyone dedicated to meeting the needs of consumers, providers and others involved in the complex healthcare system. Many Patient Advocates contract directly with the patient, the family, employers or others who seek assistance with their healthcare journey. Or they may work for a hospital, insurance company or medical group that serves patient needs.”  -The Professional Patient Advocate Institute.

ConniCare has been providing Patient Advocate services for many years, just now it is becoming a trend!

Need a guide through the medical maze?

What does a Patient Advocate do?

  • Improve the patient and family healthcare experience
  • Engage patients and their families in the plan of care
  • Promote patient- and family-centered care
  • Reduce medical errors by educating and empowering patients and their families about the plan of care
  • Empower consumers and families to have a voice in their health and healthcare
  • Help reduce fragmentation and duplication
  • Be part of the solution to control escalating healthcare costs
  • Reduce frustration and restore consumer trust in the healthcare system
  • Learn a new model of care coordination
  • Have a common curriculum that unites professionals from various disciplines
  • Better understand the components of patient advocacy
  • Expand their current practice to include patient advocacy
  • Educate consumers, employers and other stakeholders

Taking care of a sick Mom or Dad? 

Do you need a Patient Advocate?

If you are looking for assistance with any of the following you may want a Patient Advocate . . . . .

  • A new illness and you want help with coordinating care between your doctors?
  • Have several illnesses and need help to organize your care with several doctors?
  • Do you have a parent who you take care of and need help with medical issues?
  • Do you have a bunch of medical bills and are not sure what to do with them?

Getting frustrated with the health system?

How it works – Call ConniCare RIGHT NOW!

  • Initial Phone consultation:  FREE
  • In-Person Consultation (Kansas City area only):  $100/hour
  • Care Plan Establishment: a review of all current medical issues, questions and set up of a plan for the future  – $250/4 hours minimum and then $80/hour if additional time required.
  • Follow Up and Ongoing Consultation:  attendance at office visits, home consults, help with billing/claims, family support, management of in-home staff – $80/hour